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Welcome to The Forum

The Forum for Family and Consumer Issues (FFCI) is a refereed e-journal that is designed to enhance knowledge about matters of current interest to professionals in the fields of family and consumer sciences and 4-H youth development. In addition to Extension professionals, our readers include practitioners in health care, dietetics, nursing home administration, other service agencies, students, the general public, and others.

Articles published in FFCI further the mission of Cooperative Extension by facilitating the transfer and application of research/evidence-based knowledge to bring impact beyond the profession.

Since the publication of our first issue in the Winter of 1996, FFCI has provided, and continues to provide, a vital conduit for scholarly work that offers practical approaches to the issues that face campus and county faculty in Cooperative Extension. Our distinguished Editorial and Review Board members are geographically diverse and represent a wide variety of disciplines. We are dedicated to providing rigorous peer review of manuscripts to ensure both high quality and relevance for an applied audience. Editorial and Review Board members serve by invitation.

The journal supports the Tempe Principles, accepts manuscripts from both national and international authors, and is available at no cost to authors, readers, or subscribers. See Guidelines for Submitting Manuscripts. The journal is published three times a year and includes various types of articles. New issues are announced through various electronic venues and directly to subscribers.

The Editorial Board invites the submission of manuscripts from professionals in the fields of family and consumer sciences, in 4-H youth development, and in related fields of study. The types of manuscripts accepted fall under the following categories

  • feature articles
  • applied research article
  • program articles
  • comprehensive review

Authors are asked to follow the Guidelines for submitting manuscripts to ensure their acceptance into the review process. Copyright and citation guideline information is provided. Topics of articles considered appropriate for publication in FFCI include 

  • food and nutrition
  • health
  • family resource management
  • legal issues
  • housing and house furnishings
  • human development
  • diversity
  • working with a diverse audience
  • program evaluation iissues
  • community issues
  • apparel and textiles

The journal will occasionally publish a special edition focused on a specific topic.

Other types of original scholarly work  that are appropriate to be published in FFCI include 

  • perspectives
  • letters and short communications
  • reviews of educational resources

Readers are encouraged to write responses to articles, brief stand alone experiences, and/or to express the need for further research, when appropriate.

Learn more About The Forum or contact us at any time.


Carolyn L. Bird, Editor-in-Chief

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